Rainy Season, Know 8 Causes & How To Overcome Leaking Tiles!

Leaking tiles can cause a domino effect for residents of the house in the rainy season, leaking tile is one of the common things and needs to be considered by residents of the house. Because, this is classified as very sensitive, even though it will interfere with comfort for residents of the house. To note, this leaking part can inundate the house, so it needs special handling so that the house is in a safe condition.  So, what is the way to deal with leaky tiles? For that, We will discuss more deeply in the following.

Identify the cause of leaky tiles 

There are several factors and causes of leaky roof tiles as a common factor that often occurs in the house.

So, what are the factors that cause house tile leaks? Check out the explanation as follows:

  1. Installation error 

The presence of a leaking part can be caused by an error in the installation of tiles in the process of building a house.

Installation errors are not only the process of designing the tile, but there are also some important parts that are incorrectly arranged so that there is still room for leakage.

Generally, the installation error is in several parts such as the edge connection, ridge and gutter area as a regulator of water drainage.

Not only is it a mistake to install in certain parts, a slope that is too steep can also cause leaks on the roof of your house.

In order to be in a safe condition, the roof slope should be made 40% so as not to make the tile surface sag.

  1. Wuwung ridge is damaged 

Tile leaks can also occur due to damage to the wuwung ridge.

To note, the wuwung ridge is a letter U-sized tile that is installed at the top of the roof.

  1. Poor quality tile material 

One of the important factors when choosing roof tiles for housing is knowing the material of the house tiles.

The reason is, the quality of the tile is also one of the factors that cause leaks that occur at home.

As a result of choosing a tile that is not of good quality, leakage can occur because there are parts that are cracked or broken when protecting the house.

Therefore, make sure if you choose high-quality house tiles that are durable.

  1. There is a gap in the roof ridge

One of the leaks can also occur because there is a gap on the side of the roof ridge.

The ridge generally uses knock type tiles which are glued together with sand cement.

If the sand cement is not combined in a balanced way, then the tile will also not be able to glue perfectly.

If the tile is dry after the gluing process, the cement mortar can also crack easily because it doesn’t blend well.

  1. Roof construction that has begun to crumble  

To note, every house building material has a service life that must be considered in depth.

Not infrequently, the age of the tile and the construction of the roof of the house can also be a factor that triggers the leakage of the house so that the quality must be known periodically.

At this stage, you can start identifying this problem starting from the walls of the house, even the water channels and drainage on the roof of the house.

How to deal with leaky tiles at home 

If the leak occurs at home, there are several important solutions that you can do to overcome this problem at home.

It should be noted that a tile leak in the house will greatly disturb the comfort of the occupants of the house, so it needs to be handled quickly.

Some of the things you can do include:

  1. Patching a leaky tile 

The easiest way to deal with leaks, starting from how to patch house tiles.

You can do this step if there are parts that have fine cracks and are easy to patch.

For this tile patching process, generally it can be done if the tile material is in the form of concrete.

  1. Replace the leaky tile with a new one 

The next stage is to replace the leaky tile with a new tile.

However, this will tend to be a little more difficult, considering that the roof tiles of the house have not been replaced in a long time.

However, new roof tiles can be replaced by using an equivalent alternative material.

  1. Renovation of the construction of the roof of the house 

If the tile leaks repeatedly, even though it has been replaced or patched, then one way is to renovate the roof construction.

One factor that is easy to find is the construction of the roof of the house that is not suitable, even if the construction is wrong.

The tile supports the roof’s load which is too heavy, and easily cracks so that even leaks are ignored.

The rainy season arrives, prevent leakage by using leak-proof tile paint 

It should be noted that in recent times the intensity of rainfall has increased, and has even entered the rainy season.

To produce a comfortable and safe dwelling has one important principle “Prevention is better than cure”.

Therefore, to prevent tile and house leaks, one of the things you can anticipate is the use of high-quality leak-proof tile paint.

This is because this layer of tile paint will protect against leaks, so the quality of the house tile will be much safer.

Not only as a coating, this element can also be an important part in patching old leaking tiles.

With the use of leak-proof tile paint, the house you live in will be more protected, especially the high rainfall will continue in the next few months.

If you are looking for the best leak-proof tile paint, you can also choose products from Aquaproof with the best quality that has been tested for a long time.

Because, Aquaproof has the best ability to coat roof tiles so that they are well protected, without worrying about leaking roofs or tiles in the house.

Those are some tips and ways you need to know to prevent or overcome tile leaks at home.