There are no special steps that must be taken to create a minimalist house. You only need to pour ideas into designs that are tailored to your wishes and philosophy. However, you can follow some tips to make it easier to make a minimalist house the way you want.

1. Make several rooms into one

This method will allow you to get a minimalist house as you wish. In fact, it is difficult to simplify all parts of the house at once. However, you can focus on one main room, and let that be the center of your calm. Use that one room to create multiple functions at a time. This room can also inspire you to do the same, by simplifying the next room.

2. Start with the furniture

The most important thing in any room is the furniture. So, you can create a minimalist house by seeing which furniture is most suitable for use in your home. The less furniture, the better (for reasons of simplification, of course). Think about which furniture can be removed without compromising your comfort. Example: You can use some simple but multifunctional furniture with solid and soft colors.

3. Only use items that are really important

Walking around the house makes you think one thing ‘is these items really important and needed?’. You may be asking yourself. If you can live without the item or the item is not very useful, it’s better to just get it out of the house. Try to see the room down to the most important aspect or detail.

4. Make sure the floor is always clean

Make your floor as clean as possible. Don’t let dirt stay on the floor for a long time and get rid of the habit of piling things on the floor. These little things will only ruin the floor and make it not look good anymore. Immediately clean dirt or furniture that removes the aesthetic value on your floor,

5. Install simple decorations

Change the atmosphere of a house that was once crowded into a super minimalist thanks to cleaning activities on all surfaces that are carried out regularly. The concept of minimalism itself means that life is as simple as possible aka not having anything in excess. Including by using some simple decorations. Donate what’s still usable and throw away what’s broken to make things look a lot more minimal.

6. Keep the walls clean

Some people have a habit of hanging all kinds of things on their walls. Bad things like this don’t need to be applied if you want a house with a more minimalist appearance. Clean everything off your walls and only install simple paintings or decorations that really suit your personality.

7. Keep things out of sight

To create a clutter-free atmosphere in your home, you should keep things that are scattered out of sight, such as putting them in drawers and cupboards. Take advantage of one piece of furniture so that it can be multifunctional, for example using a bookshelf to store books, DVD cassettes, and various other things.

8. Install simple artwork

To keep the room from being boring, you can put a simple painting, picture or photo framed in a soft and solid color on each wall if you want. Leave some walls plain so the room doesn’t look too crowded.

9. Only use simple décor

As we mentioned in the tips above, a few simple décor additions can serve as accents for a minimalist room. Examples are flower vases or small potted plants that can be classic examples. If there’s a room in your house that has faded, you can use a bright color (like red, or yellow) in the décor to draw attention and give your room a bit of energy.

10. Pay attention to the window

For a minimalist house, use plain windows or curtains with simple designs but solid colors. Too many decorations around the window will make the house look messy.

11. Use plain patterns

Solid colors are the best colors for floors, furniture, and so on. While much more complex patterns such as floral motifs are visual clutter that can instantly ruin your minimalist house.

12. Use soft colors

You can use a few splashes of bright color in the room, but most rooms should have more subtle colors. An example is the white color which is known as a classic minimalist. Use solid colors that don’t strain the eyes like blue, brown, green.

13. Check the look of your minimalist house often

When you start simplifying a room, you may be able to do much better. Give it a few days, then look at things from a new perspective. What can be removed? Stored in a much tidier place? What’s not important? You can do this to every room for a few months, and sometimes you’ll find something new that can actually be simplified.

14. One for everything

In a minimalist house, it is important that you need to find one place for everything, and remember where those places are. Where should you store your blender and various other items? Find the most appropriate storage place and remember it carefully. Store items in the closest place to where they are commonly used (such as a mixer that can be put in a catering cabinet). This is done in order to make everything more efficient.

15. Sit back, enjoy, and enjoy

Once you’re done simplifying the room and making the house look minimalist to your liking, take a moment to look around and enjoy it. This is the activity that brings the most peace and satisfaction in itself because you can finally enjoy the rewards for your hard work.